Rio 2016 Prelims

The moment we all here at Futbol News look forward to enjoy the World’s Greatest Showcase of the Futbol, Soccer, or whatever name that holds true to your heart for the sport that gives strength to your feet for your daily walk. Open fields stretching legs across is a past time needed to propel us through life. Meaning staying healthy shouldn’t be a headache thought of fitting into our lives. The mixture of being able to create more strength in your daily walk through life, as well as enhancing the way your brain clicks, connecting you to achieving and putting puzzles together in how you learn to push a ball with precision, patience, speed, and acceleration with an even more developed cerebral approach to the game is appreciated worldwide. Brazil 2016

Women Prelims

United States defeated France 1-0

China defeated South Africa 2-0

Canada defeated Zimbabwe 3-1

Australia tied Germany 2-2

New Zealand defeated Colombia 1-0


Brazil South Africa 0-0

Denmark South Africa

Brazil Iraq

Nigeria Japan 5-4

Sweden Nigeria

Japan Colombia

Fiji South Korea

Fiji Mexico

Germany Korea

Honduras Portugal

Argentina Algeria

The home team Brazil wasn’t able to reward their home crowd with a score and put the pressure on with a tie. Boos from the home crowd left me as a viewer in complete shock.  The World Cup Brazil loss isn’t carrying well and they let their boys have it.  Young teams usually don’t handle this quite well down the stretch as the experienced know and can unravel. Brazil has dominated World Cups and remain hushed when it comes to gold in the Olympics.

This is going to be very interesting.

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