Ronaldo Rout

Madrid v. Manchester City


Big rivalry game occured April 26 . This time of year always get me pumped in everyday life on and off the field. The game as Spring settles in always seem to to step in the main stage in all of sports. Championship season for the NBA and NHL seasons are in rotation and those Tuesday afternoons are just as hype for UEFA The Union of European Football Associations.

This year Cristiano Ronaldo has converted your average Soccer is not exciting viewer. Any adrenaline pumping explosive athlete has to agree he is among your top rated across all sports. His determination during this moment was epic across all believing in self life moments more than your average influenced walking the Earth.

Semi final draw 0-0. Ronaldo was injured and gave the thumbs down for the match. Joe Hart got it done within the box today. Real started to pick up steam second half offensively. Pepe and Casemiro both gave Joe Hart for Manchester City some work as City can be positive about not giving up the away goal.

The return leg was sure to pick up as some spectators left feeling like it was a terrible match to watch while Hart’s saves being the cream of the crop highlight wise. Gareth Bale also had his own attempts to make things even more interesting for the next leg.

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